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Frequently... uh...
Seldomly Asked Questions

1) What is Solid Cat?
Solid Cat is a podcast hosted by Demosthenes Spiropoulos and "The Space Cowboy" Valerie Peters-Spiropoulos. It's classified as a "comedy" podcast, but it'll never claim to be a good one. The Solid Cat Podcast has best been described as "half-NPR / half-morning radio schtick." We like to think we're funny and smart. You be the judge.

2) Is it free?
Yes. It doesn't cost anything to listen to us, pending you already own equipment to do so. (you'd be surprised how many times we've been asked this). If you want to listen to us on your computer, you can stream episodes right from this very website. If you want to listen to us on the go, you can download it onto your mobile digital device capable of playing podcasts and/or MP3s (smart phones, tablets, etc.). This question is, admittedly, from our older demographic.

3) When was the first episode of the Solid Cat podcast broadcast?
Solid Cat released its first podcast in July 2012.

4) What's the atomic weight of beryllium?
Short answer: 9. Long answer: 9.012182

5) How can I contact Solid Cat?
Follow us and tweet us on Twitter (@SolidCatDojo). Like us on Facebook ( and post on our wall. Enjoy the non-sense on our Pinterest page ( Shoot us an e-mail here.

6) If I send an e-mail, Tweet, or Facebook post, will it be read during the podcast?
Most likely. The podcast features a segment called "From the Dojo" where we discuss comments, questions, and other topics of conversation submitted by our listeners. Granted, if you starting trolling, the answer changes to Not Likely. Just sayin'.

7) How can I be on Solid Cat?
We are always on the lookout for something different to talk about. If you want to have you music played, product featured, or group/company interviewed (as long as it doesn't involve Hall & Oates), then by all means, give us a jingle. You'll find we're very agreeable people.

8) What is the Solid Cat General Apology?
Admittedly, we're rough around the edges. Not "edgy," more "unrefined." So, we're bound to upset somebody. So every 10 episodes or so, we state the General Apology just to cover our butts. And to just remind people, it's not us, it's you.

Here's the new standardized General Apology:

    We're sorry.

    In the event something was said on this podcast that you may have deemed offensive, we're sorry. Anything said on this show for an attempt at comedy that may be construed as: mean, negative, derogatory, offensive, repulsive, et al., probably wasn't. Solid Cat intends no malice towards any individual, group, region, or abstract concept that bonds people together... unless we actively state as such (trust us, you'll know).

    Solid Cat has long preached that "life is too short" for such pettiness and negativity. If anything, we have long held the belief that we all should be friendly and love each other, if for nothing else, to build a sense of community and understanding amongst mankind. But if a stereotype helps the joke, we'll probably use it.

    A good rule of thumb is to not take us too seriously, especially as this is a comedy podcast. Doing so may be detrimental to your health, mainly in the fact that having your head shoved up your ass may lead to asphyxiation and/or spine damage.

    To summarize:
    -If you don't like our show... don't listen.
    -If you like us, but found something distasteful... we're sorry.
    -For everyone else... let's enjoy the ride. All aboard!

9) How can I be a sponsor and advertise on Solid Cat?
Give us holler and we'll chat. The podcast won't embarrass you or your company too badly. And we really shower our sponsors with lots of love. Just sayin'.

10) What's that hip music on your show?
Some of the music heard on Solid Cat comes from Kevin MacLeod at Tracks used include: Son Of A Rocket, Take a Chance, Beachfront Celebration, Gaslamp Funworks, and George Street Shuffle and are used under the Creative Commons License. Thanks Kevin!

11) Who's buried in Grant's Tomb?
Trick question. No one is "buried" in a "tomb." You are "entombed" in a "tomb." It may sound like semantics, but it's a serious thing to those in the Mortuary Sciences field. With that said, Grant's Tomb houses Ulysses S. Grant and his wife.

12) How can I work for Solid Cat?
Well, it'll depend on what you can do for us, and your definition of the term "work." The same applies for "internship." E-mail us and we'll chat.

13) I have more questions that aren't listed here.
See Question #5 above.

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