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Solid Cat: Feel-Good-A-Palooza
Solid Cat is open for business with so many things to make you feel good, it's like nirvana (not Nirvana). Val starts by tucking into way too much ice cream. There is a Random Bit of Knowledge regarding the club sandwich. "Le Cave" is just a fancy cave, which leads us to gay greeting cards. Medicines really have stupid names, and Val talks about her experience on Lyrica. A first, no News segment in today's show. D-mo loves himself some Lamborghini and Val thinks he ridiculous. Val gets turned on by Arches paper from France, and D-mo has a Moleskine problem (not really a problem, he's just a journal snob). On the Space Cowboy Kitchen, a pair of reviews: chocolate and booze. Feel good instantly with Ten Things with Val. Feel even better with not one, not two, but THREE Paws Up stories. And then we end with Schrodinger's Cat for no real reason. If you don't feel go after listening to this show, you need to seek professional help. Stay Solid!

Solid Cat: Joshua Tree
With a heaping helping of corned beef, Solid Cat is back! Val's friends kinda suck. Why aren't there legit cookie pies? Are "comfort" animals really service animals? Miniature horse racing in international waters. Monkey Knife Fight! 15 sex shop facts you wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask. How bad was Magic Mike XXL? Hotness leads to our discussion of Joshua Tree National Park. Come see man-buns in the wild. When the stars come out in the desert, they ALL come out. High drama in Hidden Valley (but no ranch). Pit toilets are very liberating for Val. Paws Up to the National Park Service Centennial. And the Passport to your National Parks have taken us places we would have never have planned to visit. Go find your park, bring your pan-flute, and crank up Solid Cat!

Solid Cat: Post-Coital
Happy Valentine's Day from Solid Cat. You should enjoy Solid Cat after sex; it's good basking in the afterglow. Puppy Monkey Baby is an abomination. Carrot Talk leads to Carrot Top leads to Sheamus leads to soap in a sock. We have a crate full of fun news today: a Spanish "worker"; lost in Iceland; a weed fail; a lost monkey; a found tortoise; explosive kangaroos (or bangaroos); a chocolate deficit; and an emergency defecation situation. We finally saw Star Wars and oh those Skywalker boys. Sexytime returns with what do to after sex, a new product called the Slaphappy, and we end up talking about being smacked in the face with a hot dog for "training purposes" (trust us, it totally makes sense). On Paws Up, we salute a beer fountain. Lastly, Barbie comes in all shapes and all sizes. So towel off, cuddle up, and dial up Solid Cat!

Solid Cat: Tentacle Kitty
Solid Cat is all over and back again. We dine at the Proud Bird near LAX. Who is Bobby Rasmussen? Why is D-mo quoting Fred Astaire? When did Val turn into an old man? We finally say Schofferhofer correctly, or do we? "Oh those Germans," leads to "Oh those Japanese." What is Tentacle Kitty? Is free parking disappearing in Las Vegas? Rent a room and run a bookshop all at once. Our new segment Amazon Prime Time is back. Ten, err, Twelve Things with Val about IKEA. In the Space Cowboy Kitchen, we have pancakes at Du-Par's. We compare Batmen. Zoe doesn't think D-mo is sexy. And the end credits turn into an afterparty as we talk about sex robots and coyotes on shrooms. You didn't misread that. So many questions, and the answer is Solid Cat!

Solid Cat: 2016 Winter Premiere
Solid Cat is back! Where have we been? Maybe China, because we're suddenly popular there. If you're new to the show, we highlight some past episodes you might want to check out. What is a "douche flute?" On behalf of the whole world, FUCK YOU CANCER! Buckle up your bears in Russia. We introduce a new segment called Amazon Prime Time and we showcase The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories. Not only did Solid Cat return, but so did Sherlock. It was Valtoberfest a few months ago, and that leads to a classy Solid Cat segue into the Space Cowboy Kitchen where we Booze Review Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen. Gasp, we haven't see Star Wars yet. We talk about the Chronicles of Narnia for no real reason (because that's so topical). Paws Up to a dad doing his daughter's hair, and D-mo gets on his soapbox and potentially calls you a bad parent. Long live Solid Cat!

Solid Cat: Sizzle
Hunker down with Solid Cat as the Pumpkin Spice Apocalypse is upon us! Where there is no angst, there is no art. Selfie-shaming. Don't be the stereotype even applies to white girls. Self-censoring on social media. Bob Ross says he's a painter; no, he's a freaking magician! Crazy ass bride billed a no-show guest. Potlatches are very weird social events amongst the Kwakwala-speaking people of the Pacific Northwest Coast. There was a citrus heist with a street value of half a mil. There is a dating app for bacon lovers. A little bit of useless information regarding Australia; what the hell are Banana Benders? The Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue. And a Paws Up for a supreme act of humanity. Seriously Bob Ross, where did that mountain come from?

Solid Cat: September Musings
This episode of Solid Cat is NOT jam-packed, but still lasts 90 minutes. What's up on the Solid Cat Community Calendar? Viking festivals have a lot of double entendres. Who's learning a new language? England is low on sperm donors. "I'm all about online shopping, but I'm not buying jizz online." Groot helps a kid communicate. Superhenge! Solid Cat Beard Update. How can you go full hipster? D-mo is a nickname guru. Fast Food Chat with D-mo & Val. When possums attack! D-mo talks about his harmonica... again. Is Val a supportive spouse? Paws Up for Man Cans. There is charity at Dollar Tree. And most importantly, don't judge; everyone is pretty cool. Especially we here at Solid Cat!

Solid Cat: Medieval Times
It's hot on this week's Solid Cat. Let's explain how the "Explicit" tag on iTunes works. The horses are the highlight of Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, but it's a overall jolly good time. Rivers are disappearing! Target is trying to serve you booze while you shop. Is "studying cactus" a euphemism for schtupping hookers? D-mo's Beard Update. There is a viking encampment nearby. We take a sudden trip to world of the Highlander; there can only be one... but five movies. The prissiest meal Val has ever had. We play Superfight on Solid Cat Game Night. A 4-year old invades a rugby pitch and it's magical. Then things get ridiculously political. Solid Cat awaits your angry e-mails.

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